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Outstanding Dedication Award

For Inspiring Advocacy in the Montessori Community

About the Award

The OMA Outstanding Dedication Award is given each spring to honor the passion and inspiration of those in our community who are deeply committed to fulfilling the mission of the OMA and whose scope of work moves beyond the classroom. Previous recipients of the OMA Outstanding Dedication Award.


The Dedication Award is open to any individual or group in the Oregon community who is fulfilling the OMA mission. The nominee need not be a member of OMA to be eligible. The nominee may be an individual or a group. Montessori training is not a requirement for this award.


We seek to recognize individuals or groups whose passionate advocacy for Montessori has fulfilled the OMA mission of advancing the Montessori movement. This may include but is not limited to:

  • starting new and innovative programs,
  • inspired and lifelong support to the professional development of a school or organization that supports Montessori, or
  • local, regional, national, or global efforts to make Montessori accessible to all.

We will take into consideration whether nominees have been nominated before and the diversity of nomination letters. We will also endeavor to recognize individuals and groups that may not have been recognized before by the OMA community.

Nomination and Review Process

To nominate yourself or another individual, please return one completed copy of the Nomination Form and at least three letters of support.  Nominations from fellow teachers, administrators, parents, or students are accepted. Please fill out the form below, even if you are nominating someone who has been nominated in years past. An external review committee comprised of former award recipients, administrators and guides from a variety of schools, and a current OMA board member reviews all nominations.

The 2016 Nomination form will be available soon.

Award Ceremony

The recipient of this award and the Susie Huston Memorial Award are honored at our Annual Spring Tea.  The recipient and their families, friends and colleagues are welcome and encouraged to attend this celebration.

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