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Jan/Feb 2013:  In-Home Montessori Programs

In-Home Montessori Programs, by Jude Foster
Download this Forza Vitale article to learn more about our area in-home programs!

Autumn 2012:  Peace and Justice Fair

Peace & Justice Fair:  A Good Fit for Montessori  by Julie Davis
Download this Forza Vitale article to learn more about OMA’s outreach in supporting the Peace & Justice Fair in Vancouver, WA.

March – April 2012:  Walking In…

March-April Forza Vitale!  by David Cannon
Download this Forza Vitale article and consider sharing it with parents in your school community.  David Cannon, founder of Montessori Children’s House in Portland, shares ideas on children walking into school independently.

February 2012:  Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter School

February Forza Vitale! by Melissa Harbert
Download this Forza Vitale article describing the history and qualities of the Lewis and Clark Charter school in Damascus, Oregon.

January 2012:  More than Just Singing:  Reflections on the Sanford Jones MTIPS Workshop

January Forza Vitale! by Rochelle Holmberg
Enjoy this inspiring article by Rochelle Holmberg, AMI Primary Guide in Portland, as she relates ideas and techniques shared at a Sanford Jones Music workshop.

December 2011:  Balancing Personal and Professional Life & Handling the Holidays

December Forza Vitale, Balancing Personal and Professional Life & Handling the Holidays
Enjoy these two special articles by AMI Trainers, Ginni Sackett and Sarah Werner Andrews.  They have graciously shared their writings with our community to help us balance our work, and offer tips to parents this holiday season.

October 2011:  OMA Outreach Committee – Work with the Janus Program

Bringing Montessori to Teenage Parents
Enjoy this Forza Vitale article by Meredith Crandall Brown, as she tells the story of her involvement with the OMA Outreach Committee and the work they are doing with the Janus Program for teenage parents.

June 2011:  Historic Double Issue

Enticement:  Extending Writing in the Children’s House and Biology in the Elementary Environment
Enjoy these articles first printed in 2002 and 1998.  Anne Blickenstaff shares her experiences and tips on expanding the writing experience for children in the primary class.  Her ideas are thoughtful and inspiring – and can even be utilized at home.  Gary and Ruth Casebeer explore the depth and breadth of biology studies with the elementary child.  They offer their experience and wisdom as inspiration for us!

March 2011

Helping My Neighbor with her Homework
For a personal look at the positive effects of the Montessori Elementary environment, read Jessica Mallett’s account of explaining fractions to a friend.  This is a great article to share with parents considering Montessori for their elementary-age child.  Jessica is a Montessori primary guide here in Portland.

February 2011

Introducing Drama in the Children’s House
Feel inspired!  Read Catherine Dorner’s article about introducing drama in the children’s house through small plays and productions.  She lays out a format for these lessons and invites guides to share the art form of acting and theater with the children.

Special Addition – January 2011

Pathways to Self Regulation by Kathleen Lloyd, PhD
Dr. Kathleen Lloyd shares her slideshow presentation from the Winter Workshop in Eugene, January 15, 2011.  If you would like to reach her to inquire about bringing her expertise to your community, contact OMA.  With thanks to Kathleen for her insights and diligent research work.

January 2011

Practical Life for the Home
Read this series of three Montessori Messages about the incorporation of practical life activities in the home, authored by Merri Baehr Whipps, Sue Pritzker, and Dawn Cowan of Childpeace Montessori School in Portland, OR.  These articles were presented as a series of parent nights, and are offered here as lovely reminders and inspirations for assisting parents in preparing the home.

December 2010

Helping Children to Help Themselves
Mercedes Paine Castle, founder and director of All Roads Learning Community in Portland, writes about the importance of supporting your child’s efforts in gaining independence.  She highlights the simple gift we can offer by allowing a child to dress and undress herself.

November 2010

Preparing the Environment
Susan Stephenson offers an article discussing what children really want for the holidays.  She shares how to best serve their developmental needs through preparation of the environment and the creation of age-appropriate responsibilities.

October 2010

Creativity–What’s That?
Mark Berger talks about the need for creativity and urges us to show how Montessori helps children become innovative thinkers and creators.

September 2010

Schools and families have a special relationship. Maren Schmidt writes about how we can do it together.

May 2010

The Importance of Self-Regulation in Early Childhood
David Ayer writes a synopsis of Dr. Kathleen Lloyd’s April 21, 2010 talk on the importance of self-regulation in early childhood.

April 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Portland has been selected to host the 27th International Montessori Congress in 2013.
Cathy Dorner, David Cannon and Laura Pilkington give an overview of what that means for our Montessori community.

March 2010

OMA Interviews Daniel Pink
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
OMA Board members Joy Nauman and David Cannon interview author Daniel Pink about his new book on motivation and discuss how motivation relates to Montessori education and children.

February 2010

What Should School Be For?
Written by Maren Schmidt
Highlights of Dr. Steven Hughes September 2008 MINW TalkJanuary 2010

January 2010

A Mom’s Montessori Moment
Shared by David Ayer
A mother tells of watching her five and three-year-old and seeing them experience the “joy” of a job well-done.

December 2009

Steven Hughes Fixes Your Parenting in 90 Minutes
By David Ayer
David Ayer covers Dr. Steven Hughes April 2009 MINW talk about parenting.

November 2009

The Three Levels of Obedience
By Maren Schmidt
This is the premier issue of our new FORZA VITALE! using our e-mail and pdf format.
We hope that more people will be able to read the FORZA and that it will be a quick resource for teachers and administrators.

Spring 2009

The 2009 Spring Forza explores the issue of sustainability, with resources, thought-provoking articles, and Ginni Sackett’s keynote presentation from our April Sustainability workshop. Don’t miss David Ayer’s overview of Steven Hughes’ “Modern Parenting” lecture!

Winter 2009

The Winter 2009 issue explores the theme of practical Montessori:
how do we apply Montessori’s principles in a practical way?
how can we work to overcome the day-to-day challenges we face in the classroom?
how can we assist children in overcoming that most practical of challenges: toilet training?
In addition, we share community news, provide information about coming OMA events, and discover more about the great work being done by local schools to support and expand Montessori education in Oregon.

Fall 2008

The Fall 2008 issue explores the theme of parent communication:
how to address parents’ questions and concerns about Montessori
how to welcome new parents into the Montessori school community
the experience of being a Montessori parent
In addition, we share community news, answer questions from our readers, and give more information about coming OMA events.

Fall 2007

The Fall 2007 issue includes a Centenary Message, by Peter Davidson
Reflection on a Day with Sanford Jones, by Diana Zegers
An Exploration into the Possibilities of the Baric Tablets as Indirect Preparation for Music Making, by Laura Pilkington
The Language of Music, by Sarah Werner Andrews

Spring 2007

Spring 2007:  A Report on the AMI Open Forum in Amsterdam and a Call to Action, by Peter Davidson
Putting Action into the Montessori Movement: An Inclusive Open Forum in Amsterdam, by Jennifer Davidson
More Alike Than Different, by Pamela Cripe
Another Meaning of Special Education, by Nancy Lehner-Wallner
The Primary Montessori Curriculum and Its Benefits for Deaf Children, by Julie Vaillancourt
The Intergenerational Program at the Terrace, by Cathy Dorner
Inclusion, by Elizabeth Hale-MacKinnon
Inclusion—A Colorful Journey, by Dave Andrews

Winter 2007

The Winter 2007 issue includes A Memoir and Appreciation, by Amelia MacRae
Chiaravalle—Birthplace of Maria Montessori, by Cathryn Kasper
Inspiration and a Call to Action, by Peter Davidson

Fall 2006

Fall 2006: Glimpses of Diversity, by Jude Foster
Developing a Listening Ear, by Melissa Fronberry
Montessori on the Road: Corvallis and Newport, by Annie Noonan

Spring 2006

Spring 2006:  Ritual as a Vehicle for Renewal, by Patricia Oriti
Sharpen the Saw, by Maren Stark Schmidt
Transformation of the Spirit: The Preparation of a Montessori Teacher, by Melissa Fronberry
Indirect Preparation for Cosmic Education at the Primary Level, by Julie Reynolds
The Gift of the Apple Blossom, by Carrie Brown
Champion the Cause of All Children: A Report from the International Montessori Study Congress, Or Paula’s Excellent Educational Adventure Down Under, by Paula Gibson Smith

Winter 2006

Winter 2006:  Collaboration Among the Adults in a Montessori Community—Creative Assistance, by Ginni Sackett
Organic Food and a Healthy Environment, bu Jude Foster
Cultivating Silence in Our World, by Melissa Fronberry
Coming Out of the Closet, by Donna Hargrave

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