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Janet Landsbury, RIE teacher educator, to Speak at Infant Toddler Symposium

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OMA Administrator Group Meeting

The first meeting of OMA Administrators for the ’14-’15 school year has been set for Wed., OCTOBER 8, 4:30 p.m.   Mark your calendars!
We’ll have out an Evite soon with all the details.  We’ll meet in a relatively central location in Portland, and we’re looking at a couple of spots for a “Happy Hour” snack or drink instead of a later dinner hour meeting this time.  (Some members prefer one; some another).
In addition to our usual updates on what’s happening at our schools and time for discussion of issues that we want to pursue further this year and setting meeting dates, we’ll have a guest for about 30-40 minutes of presentation including Q. and A.
She is Melissa Healy, attorney at Stoel Rives, and she’s an expert on the City of Portland’s new law requiring a specific amount of paid sick leave for all employees.  Unlike many personnel laws, this one does apply even to quite small employers, including most of our schools located within Portland; and many small employers are not aware of the new law.
For those whose school is not within the Portland city limits, I think you might find the topic of sick leave and other schools’ experiences to be of interest, and anyway this will only take up 30-40 min. of our meeting at most.
I hope this year will be one in which we actively tap each others’ experiences and resources to deepen and broaden our own perspectives so we can manage ever more wisely and efficiently.  At this meeting, we’ll take a little time to share what are some of the topics on which we’d like to hear more from our peers.   Some will lend themselves to meeting topics–perhaps even with a guest speaker again some time–and some better suited to an email dialogue.
I hope many of you will make plans to be away from school on the late afternoon of Oct. 8 and enjoy some time with your administrative colleagues.
David Cannon
OMA Board member
2014-15 Administrator Group Coordinator​

“Singing and Movement with Children” – PNMA Workshop

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