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OMA Outstanding Dedication Award

OMA’s Outstanding Dedication Award is presented each year to an inspiring member of the community, or a group of individuals, whose commitment to outreach and exceptional practice is recognized by his/her peers and colleagues. This award seeks to honor and offer gratitude to the recipient for his/her outstanding work in promoting the well-being of children and fostering a community of support for parents, school communities, and Montessorians. This award is given at OMA’s Spring Tea, where recent teacher training graduates are honored and the Susie Huston Memorial Award for excellence in teaching is presented to a Montessori guide.  Learn more about the Outstanding Dedication Award.

  • 2015 Cathryn Kasper, Emily Daggett, Jessica Breed, Glenn Goodfellow
  • 2014 Ingrid Anderson, Stacey Edwards Russo, Mercedes Castle
  • 2013 Ann Messick
  • 2012 Mercedes Paine-Castle
  • 2010 Jennifer Davidson
  • 2009 Merri Baehr-Whipps
  • 2008 Tammy Kennedy
  • 2007 Jude Foster
  • 2006 Corinne Burden
  • 2005 Nancy Pribnow
  • 2004 Karen Madsen-Barton
  • 2003 Mother Francine Cardew, FSE
  • 2002 Cathy Dorner and Carol Johnson
  • 2001 Bruce Marbin
  • 2000 Cathy Swan
  • 1999 Linda Davis
  • 1998 M. Shannon Helfrich
  • 1997 Margie Stangeland
  • 1996 Sue Pritzker
  • 1995 David Cannon
  • 1994 Nancy Hildick
  • 1993 Peter Davidson

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