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Early Learning Council – A Call for Photos

Dear early learning supporter:

We want you to have full access to state early learning information, so we are in the process of building a simple, easy-to-navigate website for quick reference and community discussion. As part of serving your info needs, we also want it to look nice and include visuals that capture early learning activities around the state.

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit photos to be featured on our site. We will accept any and all, and highlight your various submissions on the site throughout the year. Photos of child artwork or any other creative interpretation are also encouraged.

All we ask is that they:

1)      Represent your interpretation of early learning (ages 0-6) in the State of Oregon;

2)      Represent the many great things happening for children (ages 0-6) in our state;

3)      Be clear, well-lit, and able to be digitally stretched, condensed, or cropped;

4)      And have the proper disclosure from parents or guardians to use the photo if featuring specific children.

By submitting, you acknowledge that the photo will be used for Early Learning Council website purposes and could potentially be used in presentations and other materials.

 Submissions will be fully credited on the site. Please send your submissions to Tony Andersen, ELC Communications, at or call him at 971-273-3829 with any questions.

We look forward to seeing your shots! 

 Please send submissions to  by March 23, 2013


 Seth Allen

Board Administrator

Oregon Education Investment Board

Early Learning Council


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